Traditional Māori Instruments Workshop

This two day creative workshop is designed for song writers, composers and creatives from the Christchurch region who are interested in, or would like to explore further, the possibilities of Taonga Puoro (Traditional Māori Instruments) within their own practice. This is the first of a series of workshops in 2017, that will be held around the country, with the intention to develop the playing and use of taonga puoro throughout Aotearoa, New Zealand and beyond.
Workshops will include:

Learning about the traditional foundations of Taonga Puoro. 
One on one sessions with experts who work in the field of Taonga Puoro. 
Group sessions with Taonga Puoro experts and other creatives.
Explore playing and the potent sounds of the Taonga Puoro instruments.
Composition development through dialogue and the creative process. 
Exploring the potential of Taonga Puoro instruments within modern contexts and compositions through artistic collaboration.

Experts in the field of taonga puoro will guide participants, providing a special connection to the instruments. This connection will allow participants to experience the unique abilities of these special treasures. Created from stone, wood, bone and shell, specially sourced from the NZ environment, Taonga Puoro music actualises the true sounds of the NZ environment. 
From the traditional resonances in customary song to the sweet melodies of yesteryear and today, bring your Taonga Puoro (Māori instruments) along and upskill, exploring the different methods of playing. Attending this gathering will acknowledge the history of where and how these treasures have sung already, honouring the work of past practitioners, who worked tirelessly to revive the use and sounds of taonga puoro. Become a part of this illustrious history and the movement to revitalising the sounds of this musical artform.
Participants at this workshop are encouraged to bring their own taonga puoro (Māori musical instruments) so that the playing and composition skills they learn at the wānanga can be further developed and refined in their own time, well after the workshop is finished. 
So if you have a koauau, a pūtōrino, a pūtātara or any other taonga puoro, bring it along and let your musical journey with your instruments move up to the next level..... 
"Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything"